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Satellite TV system has come of age in India. Over the years a large number of TV consumer market share have shifted their interest and focus from traditional cable TV viewing to this Satellite TV system. This focus shift has been well grasped by the service providers across the country. Most of the companies are very keen on providing the best Satellite TV system. This growing corporate interest in the Satellite TV system industry has opened better horizons for consumers. The consumers have better opportunities to exercise their options with various service providers in terms of pricing, service guarantee, technical assistance and most importantly the number of satellite TV channels on offer. One of the consumer benefited offers are also presented by Videocon as the company has come up with its all new Direct to home(D2H) service. Here are some of the benefits served by usage of Satellite TV system.
Multilingual Channel Guide: A good Satellite TV system offers a multilingual channel guide which allows the users to watch the EPG in their 2 preferred languages out of the available multiple languages through the language button on remote.

Customization: This is by far the best benefit served by these modern day satellite system. Customization offers better usability and instructional mode to the users. In Videocon D2H the unique info bar serves options like Progress bar, Weather information etc which allows transparency and timing.
Preview Screen: The user no longer has to watch all the channels before landing on the channel of their choice. The D2H service allows the users to view the information about a channel with the help of a preview screen before they can actually watch that channel.

Active Services: These services are the most unique service types offered by Videocon D2H. This allows the user with the option of learning with entertainment or at times brings with it the new dimensions of entertainment. The user can now play games of different types or order movies on demand. Users can also watch their favorite places live via satellite TV system.
Favorite Profiling: This unique feature allows to upto 4 viewers to create their personal favorites list with 20 channels in each profile.
Digital Clarity: Satellite TV is the more reliable than cable or over-the-air TV, with less blackouts and fewer picture problems. Moreover, the Videocon Direct to home (D2H) Satellite TV is broadcast in an all-digital format for the clearest picture and sound available.

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