• Digital Video Recorder with pause & rewind live TV
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Dolby Digital Surround
  • 1080i Resolution
  • Incredibly vivid colours & sharper images

Tata Sky: A direct broadcast satellite TV provider in India and Pakistan

Tata Sky uses MPEG-4 digital technology, and transmit through INSAT-4A and GSAT-10 satellites. Dishtvhd and Tata Sky have made Tata sky recharge package available in Pakistan. Furthermore, the consumers can directly recharge their packages online, through the Dishtvhd portal. The Tata Sky online recharge has increased the convenience for our clients.We offer HD TV and satellite, dish, Cable TV and much more. The variety of products available depends on the supply policy. Also, these Tata sky recharge plans are an excellent choice for customers who already own a satellite TV receiver. They just have to recharge their packages and they can easily watch all their favourite channels. Another new addition to the Dishtvhd arsenal is the Tata sky mobile App, which enables you to select and de-select packages, review the channel list and much more. The App is available on all operating systems such as IOS and Android. The Tata sky payment method is simple and hassle free. The client just has to contact our customer support and they would guide them through. Our support is available 24/7 and 6 days a week. The client can also contact us through our website and register with us to avail our promotional offers and discounts. We believe in providing quality products and services that can help the clients add value to their TV viewing experience.

Tatasky New Connection in Pakistan

The Tata sky channel list with providing tatasky new connection in Pakistan has the best channels from around the world; the local channels are also a great choice for the Indo Pakistan audiences.

The Tata Sky package price list for 2017 is here:

Likewise, the prices are nominal and Dishsol is offering great discounts this summer. The best channels are being offered that have a huge fan following around the world.

The packages are easy to install and the price is cheap. We have reduced the price from our 2016 listing and made a few changes in our prices in 2017.

Further, these prices have encouraged our clients to buy our products and services.


  • Dhamaal
  • 4k Ultra

And many others available on our website. We offer a great service related to Dish TV and satellite receivers. LNB and UPS products are also quite popular among our customers. To recharge a Tata Sky Package and install tatasky new connection in Pakistan simply enter your user name and password on our portal and follow the instructions or contact our support team for further details.

Furthermore, we also offer the Tata sky remote and tatasky new connection in Pakistan which is an immaculate device with all the features available at the click of a button. It is futuristic in design and it has much functionality, including the universal remote feature. Our Tata sky app can be acquired through the app store and it has some unique featured stored for our esteemed clients. The App is easy to install and use and brings the entire TV experience at your fingertips. Having a mobile app on the phone is convenient and it even does not require too much storage space.

Dish tv Hd  is your ultimate HD TV service provider in Pakistan. We have an online clientele of thousands of satisfied customers who prefer our services to the rest.


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